Effective Counseling Course Set

Effective Counseling Course Set

The principles of God’s Word are life changing when they are properly understood and applied. One of the main challenges in counseling is helping others understand these principles and properly apply them to specific situations.

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The principles of God’s Word are life changing when they are properly understood and applied. One of the main challenges in counseling is helping others understand these principles and properly apply them to specific situations. This course is designed to give you a Biblical understanding of counseling and guide you as you try to help others understand the Bible. Helpful quizzes and opportunities for personal application are included in each booklet.

One booklet on each of the following topics is included:

Booklet 1: Tracing Surface Problems to Root Causes
This booklet introduces the true purpose of counseling and talks about practical ways of tracing surface problems to root causes. Several potential counseling situations are discussed in detail and a Biblical understanding of tearing down strongholds is presented. 
Booklet 2: Basic Counseling
Explains the primary prerequisite for counseling. Helps you understand when it is not Biblical to counsel someone. Describes the five types of fools and what our responses to them should be. Presents a more in-depth look at strongholds. 
Booklet 3: Why God Let It Happen (1)
Helping people understand God’s purposes in suffering has baffled many theologians in our day. This booklet lays the foundation for a Biblical understanding of suffering and equips you to help others answer difficult questions such as, “Why did God let my parents get divorced?” and “Why did God let a loved one die?” Examine the Biblical account of Joseph and relate his struggles to how God uses suffering today.
Booklet 4: Using Questions in Counseling
This booklet presents a key technique in effective counseling—turning statements into questions. Doing so helps keep the lines of communication open and allows you to gain a better understanding of the true needs of those you are trying to serve.
Booklet 5: Why God Let It Happen (2)
Eight more of life’s most difficult questions such as, “Why does God allow people to be born with physical defects?”and “Why does God permit the wicked to prosper?” are explored.
Booklet 6: Using concepts of Design
If you talk to a teenager who is bitter about a facial scar, it will not be very effective to simply tell him not to be bitter. However, if you explain the concept of marks of ownership, you will help him establish a deeper relationship with God and experience the strength that God gives through weakness. This booklet will help you as you explore this and other aspects of the principle of design.
Booklet 7: How to Motivate Youth for Daily Tasks
God has placed in the heart of each person two basic motivations—the fear of loss and the desire for gain. By understanding these motivations, you can effectively encourage others to make right choices. Topics covered include: motivating those who are slothful, encouraging neat habits, promoting personal quiet times in the Word, making Godly friendships, and the benefits of rising early.
Booklet 8: Anger Resolution
Anger is one of the common denominators among juvenile delinquents; and one of the major causes of broken marriages. It is a chief contributor to health problems, and a major factor in loss of productivity in the workplace. This booklet focuses on helping you guide others to resolve anger. It presents effective Biblical ways to overcome bitterness and experience the rewards of fully forgiving offenders.
Booklet 9: How the “Heart” Determines Direction
The Bible states that men look on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. Those who would be effective in counseling must learn how to accurately discern the heart of an individual. In this booklet, you will learn how the heart relates to the spirit and soul, and differences between heart attitudes that God accepts versus those that are rejected by Him. Learn to help others desire to have broken and contrite hearts before God.
Booklet 10: Life Callings
There are five important terms which, if understood properly, will give clarity and direction to our lives and to the decisions we make. Those who do not understand the concepts behind these terms will tend to be confused about what their life work should be and overly concerned about choosing the right vocation. Those with this understanding will learn to see their life work from God’s perspective. Understand the Biblical concept of life callings, several prerequisites for determining your life calling, and practical steps to discover God’s direction.
Booklet 11: Basic Needs of Youth
This booklet discusses seven basic needs of today’s youth and will equip you in helping parents understand how to meet those needs. The key concepts that were presented in the first ten booklets are highlighted again to demonstrate how they integrate with each other. A comprehensive final exam is also included.
Booklet 12: Covenant Marriages
In 1997, the legislature of the state of Louisiana passed a covenant marriage act. In 1998, the state of Arizona followed their example. This legislation was designed to protect and strengthen marriages and families and thereby reduce the tragic consequences that occur as a result of divorce. One of the requirements of a covenant marriage is that the couple receives premarital counseling. Such counseling is wise for anyone considering courtship, engagement, or marriage. Gain a Biblical understanding of marriage and learn the differences between covenants and contracts which will enable you to counsel others before they make a life-long commitment to marriage.

12 booklets; 280 total pages



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